Tending towards depression

I’m struggling a bit with life just now, feeling myself quietly withdrawing a little from the world, probably for a while at least.

Sadly I do occasionally tend towards melancholia, but with a lifelong history of debilitating depression I’ve grown to understand my mental proclivities and know my best bet is just to allow my mind to close itself off as it needs, function on my old familiar minimalist autopilot for the duration, and simply let it pass in its own good time.

So if I have rather long gaps between somewhat sporadic posts for the next few weeks, don’t worry, it’s only a temporary glitch and no doubt I’ll be back in full flow soon enough…

Daily Prompt: Tend


Daily Prompt: Creature

I need to learn to truly appreciate my creature comforts more: I’m lucky to have a secure roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, good food in my belly, enough to live on and a bit put by for the future. I have my family, my friends, and admittedly more than a few frustrations at present.

But I need to remember that my frustrations in life are just that – frustrations, and not a matter of life or death. I should be more grateful that behind all my trials and tribulations, whether trivial or more troublesome, I always have the ability to thrive and not just survive in life, whatever comes my way…

Daily Prompt: Creature  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved


Hmmm… I struggled a bit in trying to decide what to post for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Beloved – in life my family matters most to me, and I wanted to find something generic but representative of everyday family life, so I chose this image taken of me out for a walk with my middle grandchild, and art-filtered it 🙂

I have five grandchildren altogether, three boys and two girls, and they are certainly most beloved to me. There’s something truly heart-warming about having yet another generation of little hands to hold, and about having those same warm little hands wanting the familiar reassurance of holding on to me too… ❤

Battersea Power Station


The four corner chimneys and the stark 1930s architecture of the old coal-fired Battersea Power Station are a bit of a London landmark, and at the time I grabbed this quickly-snapped shot, taken from the window of a moving train in late December 2011, the iconic Grade II Listed Building was little more than an abandoned empty shell.

The power station had already been closed for a good 30 years, and an initial ambitious redevelopment plan had removed the roof (and all internal machinery) before sadly going bust, leaving a gaping cavity in the centre exposed to all weathers.

Thankfully after a few more failed fits and starts and wrong turnings along the way the whole area is now in the process of being successfully redeveloped as a multi-functional residential/ business/ recreational space, but I think in my minds eye I’ll always see it as an imposing but cavernous ruin.

My original image, taken on a dull and dreary winters day, is truly plain and grey and drab and boring, but after trying on a few different snazzy post-processing art filters I decided ‘polygon‘ from LunaPic perhaps provided the best impression (in my view, at least) of the power station as a grand iconic building of its time… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Cavity

Share Your World: 29 January 2018

If you had an umlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose, and why?

I think I may have answered this question before, so may well be repeating myself! I’d definitely choose John Lewis in London’s Oxford Street – I could kit out an entire home from there, including all furniture, soft furnishings, appliances, kitchenware… mind you all I’d need now is a new house to put it all in!

What is the worst thing you ate recently?

Worst tasting was pea and ham ravioli – unbeknownst to me they were made of minted peas, and as I’d made a cheese-based white sauce to have with it, it was truly a vile combination – yuk!

Worst for me health-wise was salted caramel dairy ice-cream – it tasted absolutely divine but sadly was calorific beyond any sensible counting

Name five things you like watching?

1) My young grandchildren sleeping – they look like little angels with their tousled hair and slumbering faces

2) Sunsets – and I’d add sunrises too, but I’m rarely up and about early enough to catch them

3) Waves – there’s just something hypnotic and soothing about watching waves break on the shoreline, I really love it

4) Nature in full seasonal swing in general – particularly sweeping views and vistas

5) TV – particularly period dramas and detective whodunnit stuff

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this week?

I was at my GP surgery this morning and agreed to be examined by a final year medical student before seeing my own doctor – I was happy enough to have been given what turned out to be a doubly thorough and careful examination, and was pleased to be able to help a future doctor complete his training. I very much appreciate our National Health Service and am really glad people still want to work in it in spite of our current political climate…

Share Your World: 29 January 2018

JusJoJan: Fantastic

Knowing I enjoy colouring-in, a few weeks ago my husband bought me a cheap ceramic cup and two coasters set with black-edged designs printed on and felt tip pens provided in red, yellow, blue and green. I had great fun with the colouring in, then baked them all in the oven to set the ink. For what it is the end result is fantastic – close up it’s clear they are all hand-coloured, as each pen-stroke shows up even after baking, but from afar they just look bright and cheerful, and for under a tenner all in, it’s well worth it 🙂

Coloured in and ready to go into the oven…


Close up after baking…




JusJoJan: Fantastic