Daily Prompt: Static on the Sofa


Me after an extremely tiring shift serving food and drink at the pub today – static on the sofa for the duration of the evening! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Static


Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Sixth, Seventh, Eighth…

This week Linda has charged us with picking up the nearest readable thing to us and using the the sixth, seventh and eighth words on the first page as our prompt. So I found next to me the latest copy of Psychologies Magazine, and decided to skip the listed contents pages and start from the first proper page of prose – the editor’s letter. And the sixth, seventh and eighth words from the top of the page it gives me are ‘I love January’…

Hmmm… well, love may be a bit of a strong word, but January certainly has its benefits for me, the most important one being it’s no longer December. I struggle so hard with December, too many auspicious days full of expectation and fragile emotions and potential failure. My birthday comes first, right at the beginning of the month, then the anniversary of my overdose, then Christmas, then culminating in the crescendo of New Year and all it promises.

And then comes the joy of reaching January – what a relief. No resolutions for me, just a month of quiet contemplation and restful silence, time to catch my breath and relax again. A quiet new year with quiet new hope of spring growth pushing through after another long hard winter of the soul, and actually once I start looking at it that way – what’s not to love? ❤

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

JusJoJan: Aggravate

I find the erratic changes in temperature between outside and inside during the winter months really aggravates my current trigger-happy tendency towards menopausal hot flushes at every turn. If I wrap up suitably warm to go out I get too hot and I’ll have a hot sweat, but if I don’t dress correctly for the inclement weather I get too cold and start shivering and… yep, you guessed it, still have a hot sweat as my temperature tries unsuccessfully to regulate itself. When oh when is my dodgy bodily thermostat going to start functioning properly again, its illogical idiosyncracies are driving me nuts… 🙂

JusJoJan: Aggravate

JusJoJan: Humiliate

I don’t like being teased or made fun of, even in jest – I really don’t find it funny at all. Being both fair skinned and fair haired I’ve always been prone to blush at the slightest provocation, then find myself squirming with even more embarrassment as I feel my face burning with shame at my obvious discomfort. And I tend to develop angry red blotches, too, whenever I feel anxious or under stress.

I was verbally bullied at school for a while, and the particular form of bullying was borne of highlighting something – anything – about me that was perceived to be different and nastily making fun of it, turning me into an instant object of ridicule, and then when everyone turned to look at me, the lead bully always encouraged wider participation by laughing and jeering even more and making fun of my excrutiatingly painful humiliation.

As an adult I’ve learned instead to gently make fun of myself for blushing before anyone else comments on my clearly reddening complexion, taking the heat out of the situation (and hopefully my face) and letting the moment pass without too much fuss. Oh, and a neutralising mask of make-up worn in public always helps, too! 🙂

JusJoJan: Humiliate

JusJoJan: Coffee


Only a tentative link to the prompt word for today’s Jot – yesterday my husband saw this ceramic mug complete with colouring-in pens so bought it for me, as he knows I love colouring-in. Basically you colour it in however you please, then ‘fire’ it in the oven at a set temperature to set the ink, and you have a personally decorated mug from which to drink your tea or coffee. There are only four pens provided – red, yellow, green and blue – but they are double-pointed with a thick end and a thin end and I’m really looking forward to making a start 🙂

JusJoJan: Coffee



This little pile of balled-up yarn used to be a blanket on my bed. It was one I’d made a couple of years ago to try out a new-to-me popcorn stitch, made up with bits and pieces of re-used yarn from an unpicked old giant granny square blanket I’d originally made long before I moved to London (and I’ve been living here for well over 16 years) coupled with odds and ends of other yarn left over from other projects.


For a while I was happy enough with the finished popcorn stitch blanket. I’d deliberately tried experimenting with intentionally using up all the bits and pieces of yarn I had lying around regardless of where in a row I ran out and changed colour – an anomoly which I eventually found to be a bit jarring on the eye at times – and there also were a few suspect colours I feel didn’t really work out as well as I’d hoped in the mix. But I’d set myself the challenge and wanted to see it through, and once it was completed… well, it seemed a shame not to live with it just as it was, after having put all that time and effort into it.


It certainly kept us wonderfully warm over the last few winters, but for ages now I’ve been itching to undo it and re-use the yarn (some of it for a third time!) to make a ‘new’ blanket in a different, less yarn-hungry stitch, but this time be more choosy over which colours I leave out and how creatively and artistically I use those I do keep in. So yesterday I bit the bullet and my poor old blanket found itself unravelled in its entirety and is now sitting stripped down to its component parts, shivering in a precarious mound of potential once more, waiting for new inspiration to strike…

Watch this space…!  🙂


Daily Prompt: Forlorn

I’ve been feeling rather forlorn lately, and haven’t been out with my camera out for ages. The last time I deliberately took my camera with me, I forced myself to try to take photographs, make myself focus on creating interesting images, and I ended up failing badly, frustrated and in tears. So please do excuse the recent lack of enthusiastic new pics on Image & Word, I seem to have temporarily lost my photo-mojo. Mind you now I think about it, I haven’t written any poetry for the longest time, either. So please excuse the lack of poetry, too. All I seem to have in me just now is whatever drivel I come up with for each day’s Daily Prompt – but it feels better than simply disappearing and not blogging any more, so here I am with today’s half-hearted effort!

Thanks to all of you for sticking by me until my mood and motivation picks up, I truly do appreciate it 🙂

Daily Prompt: Forlorn