Daily Prompt: Filthy


A team of local Council workmen busy outside our flat this morning clearing the leaves from the street. Apologies for the dull smoky filmy look covering the entire image – frustratingly this was caused not only by the low morning sunlight directly ahead creating a bit of glare on the glass, but also by the fine layer of filthy city grime deposited on the outside of my windows, enhanced overnight by the miserable autumn rain…  😦

Daily Prompt: Filthy

The Optimum Moment


Waiting for the optimum moment to capture the colours of autumn at their most spectacular is always a difficult call. Being in London, although we have plenty of green spaces for a city, there are still far more buildings around than leaves, and of course not all leaves colour beautifully.

But once you do find somewhere with colour starting to appear, it’s a case of keeping watch whenever you can. Capture it too soon, and there’s still too much chlorophyll in the leaves – but leave it too late, and you risk them being gone altogether, often helped along by bad weather, leaving spindly branches stripped bare and a muddy mulch underneath.

I’ve taken a few images here and there so far this autumn, but today I decided I’d waited long enough and so this afternoon I took my camera out for a walk – above is a small sample of the autumn colours still in situ locally here in Leytonstone, East London  🙂

Daily Prompt: Waiting

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