Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 4 Letter Words Starting with D


Dark even in daylight walking under a raised roadway – Bow Flyover, East London 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


Culloden Viaduct


Travelling to Inverness by train from London, a favourite landmark almost at the end of my journey is the Culloden Viaduct. Crossing the River Nairn near Clava, it was built in 1898 and with a beautiful curve of 29 masonry arches spanning 1800ft in length it is the longest viaduct of its kind in Scotland. Built of sandstone, each arch is 50ft wide, apart from the central arch spanning the river itself, which is 100ft wide.

It takes no time at all to pass over the viaduct, but I was lucky to catch a fun shot of the elongated shadow cast by the early morning sun while crossing on the sleeper train last week, so wanted to share the view before, during, and after the crossing… 🙂

Under Urban Bridges


Playing about with framing using the view from underneath a bridge – well, two different views from under two bridges along the same river, on the same towpath. Taking out the colour helps reduce some of the chaotic busy-ness of each image, I think, focusing instead mainly on highlighting the contrast between the lights and darks, hopefully pulling your eye deeper in towards the centre of the image…

I was quite pleased with the results – sometimes I can get the exposure wrong with strong contrasts, but I’m happy enough with the overall look and feel of these two 🙂

Bridges along the River Lea, East London

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: How

How wonderfully dreamy reflections can look in images… I really like to take a picture of something as a reflection, usually in water, then rotate the image by 180 degrees so it is effectively upside down. These two rotated reflected images of bridges over water were taken this afternoon along the River Lea in East London while I was out for a walk with my camera…

refletcted-bridge-1refletcted-bridge-2I really love the slightly warped, distorted effect of each reflection being presented as if it were the real element; each draws me down into its depths, somehow?

It seems to mirror my own fragile feelings in life, where so often I feel as if I am little more than a distorted reflection of how someone else sees me, as if all it would take is for that someone to stir things up a bit and instantly I (or at least their warped vision of me) would disappear, just like any other optical illusion, as if there were nothing more to me than there is to a basic shallow surface reflection…

Oh, I would so dearly love to change that fragile feeling inside myself, if only I knew how…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: How