Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Houses


This week’s Fun Foto Challenge is actually for houses or barns – but there’s a distinct shortage of barns to photograph here in London, so I opted for houses.

I decided to focus on images showing the rooftops of the terraced houses packed in tight together that are so prevalent around where I live, with all the multiple chimney-pots (no longer in use) clearly indicating the original form of heating in each home.

And then as an afterthought I added two images of Brighton rooftops I took last month, with the beautiful terracotta red of their many chimney-pots glowing orange in the afternoon sun 🙂

Daily Prompt: Realise


While in Brighton recently, I thought I’d have a go at taking a few long exposure images of the sea at night, and ideally had visions of beautifully smooth atmospheric shots looking just the way I wanted them to be – however, the reality proved to be a lot more difficult to achieve than I’d first thought.

I realised far too late that by also wanting the lit-up pier to be in shot so I could show the dynamic interplay of above and below, I’d created a bit of a dilemma for myself. To have the lights properly exposed I had to use a fast shutter speed, which didn’t achieve the dreamy-looking sea I wanted below. But in order to get the smooth sea surface I envisioned, the lights above were necessarily blown out, seriously over-exposed – so frustrating!

Unsure what to do, I played about with different exposures to see what worked best as a compromise. The most acceptable image I have is probably this 5 sec exposure at f8, ISO 160, taken on a mini tripod – of all the images I took it’s the nearest to what I’d hoped to achieve, although it’s far from perfect, and overall I was pretty disappointed with the results of my trial-and-error endeavours.

If anyone photographically-inclined could perhaps advise me on how best to deal with balancing exposure in this kind of situation, it would be much appreciated – many thanks!  🙂

Daily Prompt: Realise