Cee’s B&W Challenge: Houses




Various Victorian-built houses in Leytonstone, East London for Cee’s B&W Challenge: Houses this week 🙂


Share Your World: 2 Oct 2017

If you were given the opportunity to ride in a helicopter would you go?


What are some of your favourite type of proteins to eat?

Cheese, eggs, and then meat, probably in that order…

What would be your preference – awake before dawn, with the dawn, or awake before noon?

Waking at dawn – I’m a bit of a Goldilocks in life, I like things not too hot or not too cold, not too hard or not too soft, not too early or not too late 🙂

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?

Actually I really enjoyed my walk around the local area with my camera this afternoon taking some pics for this week’s Cee’s B&W Challenge – Lines & Angles I felt quite inspired, so here are a few more of today’s moody monochrome Leytonstone landscapes 🙂


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