Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence





There’s something eerily silent about walking in a cold wintery landscape – I’ve had fun tonight playing about with online photo effects. The top two images are processed with a ‘blue’ filter effect, and the bottom two with a ‘surrealism’ filter effect, both using Go Art from Fotor. The first and third image show an avenue of trees taken in the freezing fog during January 2017, the second and fourth were taken in the snow last month.

Wanstead Flats, Leytonstone, East London

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

This week’s photo challenge prompt from the guys at the Daily Post is ‘Ooh, Shiny!‘ and relates to those diversions, distractions and delightful detours that capture our attention and never fail to sidetrack us from whatever we’re doing…

For me, there’s no rhyme nor reason to what catches my eye when I’m out and about. Take today, for example. My husband and I had an appointment in central London this afternoon, so decided to make a day of it and spend the whole day out together.

Diversion No 1 stopped me in my tracks before I even got out of Oxford Circus Underground station – as we stepped off the train I found this lovely rainbow roundel on the platform, celebrating London Pride this summer, so of course had to wait for the busy platform to clear of passengers before I could take my shot…


Distraction No 2 arrived on Eastcastle Street in the form of a line of different coloured but otherwise identical bicycles for sale displayed on the pavement. I don’t really know why they caught my eye, but I just had to stop and capture them for posterity…


Delightful detour No 3 appeared in the form of a blue curved sofa in the orange-walled rest-room of the pub where we had lunch. I was expecting the usual cramped space with a few functional cubicles, basic handwashing sinks and a wall mirror or two. What I found was a huge room with spacious cubicles, a large central sink, a statue and a couple of communal sofas – of course I had to take a few pics before returning to our table…


So although most of my ‘Ooh, shiny’ moments are made up of a series of ordinary everyday things that most people walk straight past without seeing, I always really enjoy them when they find me and seem to silently shout out my name 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction II


I may be a 53-year-old grandmother, but the intense satisfaction of colouring-in pre-printed generic outlines I’ve enjoyed since childhood has never left me. The current trend for producing adult colouring books has been brilliant for me – I have three A4 sized books, all slightly different, and alternate them depending on my mood. Some pages have full-page abstract designs, some with only central circular mandala-style shapes; some with recognisable subjects, some no more than doodles.

Colouring-in for me nowadays is a completely harmless way of creating some semblance of control over my actions in what can sometimes feel like an otherwise uncontrollable adult world – I can choose which colour to put next, one after another, finally building up a complete picture that is uniquely mine. Even someone else with the same book will no doubt choose to colour the same image very differently – perhaps using felt-tipped pens instead of coloured pencils, or pressing lightly and shading larger areas rather than pressing more heavily, concentrating on smaller sections.

Personally I prefer applying relatively dense colour by using the same kind of coloured pencils I used as a child – I first lay them all out on a tray to locate each colour more easily, before becoming completely engrossed in the rhythmic patterns of small movments, simply letting my imagination run free going with the flow of colour in whichever direction suits me best at the time. Some pages I work from edge to edge, and others I begin somewhere in the middle and radiate out. And I don’t tend to plan each design in advance – I simply move on playfully from one colour, one shape, to the next until I’m done.

Colouring-in soothes me in a way I can’t quite describe – it connects me in the simplest and most inclusive of ways with the immersive joy of creative artistic expression. Perhaps not everyone can draw or paint, but everyone can colour in – it’s not as daunting as facing a completely blank page as the outlines are already there in principle, providing the perfect framework to entice you in. When life feels drab and grey, it really does help me put a little colour into my world… 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek life-plan list for this week – three things that bring me satisfaction…


Past: Making peace with my problematic past…


Present: Spending time appreciating the little things in life…



Future: And finally getting all my ducks in a row… (Yes I know they’re grey geese, not ducks – but they just sat there so neatly I immediately thought of ducks in a row) 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction