Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


It can be quite a surprise to see a full-size replica of the famous English Galleon the Golden Hinde, sitting proudly in dry-dock by the River Thames near to London Bridge. The original wooden-built sailing ship was launched in 1577 (during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I) and was used by Sir Francis Drake to circumnavigate the globe.

To my mind it’s a surprisingly small-sized vessel to have survived such an amazing journey across the world’s vast oceans! πŸ™‚

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken


How many times in my life have I walked down this quiet country road? Or cycled it, for that matter? The exact number is beyond counting…

I grew up living along this road, as between the ages of four and ten my family lived in a farm cottage about the same distance again as the small white cottage is from where I stand taking this picture. My first school is about the same distance away down the hill to my left, and my later family home, where we moved when I was ten years old and where my parents still live today, is about the same distance up the hill to the right.

Not long after we moved to our new house, a new family moved into the road, living in the farmhouse immediately behind our old cottage. A new family not just to the area, but to the country – Americans, no less, with chidren around our age – two boys, one the same age as me who would be in my class in school, and one two years older. Our families became friends, socialising regularly, friendships that have remained firm four decades on.

The older boy of that neighbouring family is now my husband. We took a rather circuitous route to getting together, as life took us in completely different directions for a couple of decades. But our friendship continued through the many ups and downs we each encountered, until what with one thing or another we were both in our late thirties before that long-term friendship flourished into love. And five years ago we finally took the plunge and got married!

Whenever we visit my parents, my husband and I always like to take a walk along ‘our’ road, remembering a shared childhood spent in that beautiful countryside, happy that fate in the shape of a very ordinary single-track rural road first brought us together as friends all those years ago…

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road TakenΒ