Flower of the Day: Snowdrops


Snowdrops in our local churchyard for today’s Flower of the Day 🙂


Daily Prompt: Conjure


I’ve been finding it difficult to conjure up much enthusiasm for anything lately, but today’s spring sunshine prompted me to pick up my camera again to see what I could see – and I found some pretty crocuses basking in the relative warmth of the afternoon sun 🙂

Daily Prompt: Conjure

Playing and Zooming


It’s a dull grey day today, rainy and windy and anything but bright. So I decided to play about with some indoor zoom-bursts again to create some colourful images to cheer myself up. It’s fun to do, and the fact that I have to focus and concentrate and stand very still takes my mind off all the difficult stuff of life that has been dragging me down lately.

I placed an ordinary vase of everyday flowers on the floor in the middle of a colourful rug, and looking straight down from above took loads of same-but-different shots, holding the camera as steady as I could and zooming my kit lens from wideangle to telephoto as smoothly as possible while the shutter was open.


I set my ISO to 160 an my aperture to 13, as after brief experimentation I found this gave just the right amount of exposure time for me to zoom comfortably from wide to tele in one smooth movement, creating that wonderful wooshing effect. The thing is that I have no idea exactly what I’m going to end up with, and that’s all part of the creative fun.

Some turn out way too muddy and dark, some are too washed-out and light, some I zoom too fast, some I zoom too slow, some I’m simply too unsteady – but also some I just fall in love with, and these are the ones I keep… probably only about one in ten are acceptably balanced for my tastes, so it’s quite a high attrition rate but with digital photography I find it really doesn’t matter 🙂