No Reason but Rhyme…

No Reason but Rhyme…

With some poetry rhythm and rhyme

Create structural patterns sublime

So this short limerick

Tripped off metronome quick

Has my ‘Daily Prompt’ done in no time… 🙂


Shoogly Pegs

Watching Andrew Marr’s regular Sunday morning political programme on TV this morning, journalist John Sopel (while reviewing the day’s newspapers) was commenting on Jeff Sessions’ continued future as Attorney General in the current US Administration (after his apparent misinterpretation/ misunderstanding/ misleading answer of the relatively simple question of any contact with Russia during the US Presidential election campaign), musing that potentially, Sessions’ ‘coat was hanging on a shoogly peg’.

The usage of such an informal fun phrase on such a reasonably formal political programme certainly made me smile – it’s a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek Scottish expression relating to the questionable security of his continued tenure in office, referring to his metaphorical work-coat hanging precariously on a very wobbly coat-hook with the increasing likelihood that it may soon fall to the floor in an ignominious heap. The inference being that Sessions’ may find his services are longer be required, soon enough…

Presumably Jeff Sessions’ coat peg is located a bit too close to Mike Flynn’s in the Administration’s cloakroom… and his shoogly peg has already given way, after only a very short time in office. Hmmm… maybe we’d better check the whole rack for any more potential shoogly pegs while we’re at it, and the sooner the better! 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘P’ Word

Possibly problematic… P word is the prompt for this week’s stream of consciousness post – choose a word beginning with P and write a post around it… OK, cool… but which P word?

Post and prompt might be good, if a little predicable. Pension, private, public, procrastination? Plenty there to ponder over. Poetry, photograph… something personal? Prosecute, prostitution, pickpocket, pinch, proof (guess who’s currently watching a police drama). Politics, Prime Minister? Not President, I refuse point-blank. Prat, pillock, penis – hmmm… perhaps far too much word association is going on there. But hey, it’s written now, and no editing is allowed… phew!

Pause… Postpone my post until I find my preferred P word? Perfect! 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘P’ Word

Daily Prompt: Joke II

My husband and I both share a really silly sense of humour – and because we’ve known each other for a LONG time (since I was 10 and he was 12) in many ways we’ve grown up with the same amusing cultural reference points. Even in recent years we have been known to hear something inappropriate that sounds hilariously funny to us, catch each other’s eye, and collapse into fits of childish giggles without even saying a word. That can sometimes look a bit odd for a pair of fifty-something grandparents – especially in company, when no-one else understands the joke or has the first clue what we’re laughing about… And for some strange reason, that just makes us giggle all the more 🙂

Daily Prompt: Joke