Intro to Poetry: Day 10

My last day of this 10 day Intro to Poetry course, and the prompt is ‘future’ written in the form of a sonnet.

I find I’ve been (and continue to be) truly upset by both the result and the immediate after-effects of the recent EU referendum. I do realise that emotions are still running high on both sides but the divisive aftermath reminds me so much of the ongoing fallout from the Scottish Independence referendum, where the dust has still not fully settled almost two years on…

The Human Cost…

Since Britain voted out I’ve felt upset

In one fell swoop the country’s on her knees

I’m sure one day we’ll all come to regret

The bonds of Europe broken with such ease

I wonder why the politicians chose

To set a referendum, stakes so high

Just playing with our future I suppose

A game of power built on lust and lies

But now we’ve made our democratic choice

Decision made we find there’s no clear guide

A racist undercurrent’s found a voice

With hateful undertones of past divide

We’ve left the EU at whatever cost

However much is gained, much more is lost…



Intro to Poetry: Day 9

Today’s prompt word is ‘landscape’ using apostrophe, or using the second person to address the subject directly…



Sketching from memory

I capture your openness, your moodiness,

Your complexity, your depth –

We are as one; we belong together.

Landscape of my life

You draw me in as I draw you

Intro to Poetry: Day 8

Today’s prompt word is ‘pleasure’, and I’ve learned three new terms to go with it – anaphora, epistrophe, and simploce. Apparently anaphora is a repetition of wording at the beginning of each line or verse, epistrophe a repetition of wording at the end of each line or verse, and simploce the use of both at the same time.

Hmmm… I understand the theory, but feel a bit uncomfortable with trying it out in practice – but what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound! So I’ve chosen a topic to write about where hopefully a repetitive rhythm might help add to rather than detract from the meaning – where the pattern of words becomes itself part of the poem – and have jumped straight in with both feet… 🙂

Walking through the Years…

Through leafy green woodlands in springtime I walk

Through daffodils and bluebells and showers I walk

Through soft sand and seashells in summer I walk

Through fresh breeze and seagulls and salt air I walk

Through dry-crinkled leaf-fall in autumn I walk

Through ochre and crimson and whipped winds I walk

Through white-cold air freezing in winter I walk

Through snow-covered landscape all wrapped up I walk

Through all four main seasons for leisure I walk

Through years and through decades, for pleasure I walk…

Intro to Poetry: Day 7

Today’s prompt word is ‘flavour’, using ‘found’ poetry – basically using only words taken from somewhere else rather than straight from your head to create a poem.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and as I wanted to try it out with whatever I already had to hand I’ve used a small set of magnetic fridge poetry words (with a somewhat odd, disparate little collection of words) and have eventually come up with this… 🙂



Kiss the Night…

Imagine a shimmering moon

Embracing the passionate sky

Whispering soft caress

Tasting the warm evening light

Sweet and rich like honey

Tender like morning dew

Intro to Poetry: Day 6

Today’s prompt word is ‘screen’ and I’ve been asked to use enjambment, which is where grammatical sentences are set to deliberately run over more than one line, and the skill (or otherwise!) is in choosing where to place those line breaks to make poetic sense… eek!

Virtually Together…

On-screen and unseen,

Virtually reclusive do we sit

Secluded and deluded alone with our thoughts

Online in real time, wherever we are

Near or far?

Or do we object to the idea

That we no longer connect, and clearly think

We still feel linked –

That we do interact together in fact

Just differently than previously.

The electronic page of our age, we believe

Achieves far greater sharing

And caring across borders and continents, and

Touches far deeper into time

And space as a common human race

Than ever individually imaginable… ❤

Intro to Poetry: Day 4

I’m a bit behind with my days, but I’ll catch up soon – Day 4 asks me to use simile with the prompt word ‘journey’, so here we go with something a little bit different for me… 🙂

Of Nature Born…

Like a crescent moon I lie, curled in my watery womb

Millennia of mitochondrial DNA moulds me,

Fluid memories float within me, around me

Telling me the time has come…

Pressure builds, like a predator waiting to pounce

Red rhythm pushes me downward, outward.

Squeezing like molten rock through mountain

I pulse my way along until finally

Erupting urgent into the light

I feel myself fall free…

Filling my lungs for the first time,

Like the vast ocean winds I roar my full strength –

Today I am of nature born…

Intro to Poetry: Day 3

Today I’ve been given the prompt word ‘friend’ in the style of an acrostic, which is where the first letter of each line spells out a word. I’ve not written this style of poetry before, but I suppose that’s the whole point of following this course – to learn something new! 🙂


Friends forever, love and laughter,

Running free through summer sun

In fond memories we cherish

Each day full of childhood fun

Now as adults, friendship falters

Distance grows far more than miles

Somehow we must break the silence

Hope our hearts still speak in smiles…

Instantly, just as before

Perfectly in tune once more

Intro to Poetry: Day 2

Todays poetry word prompt is ‘face’, and I’ve been asked to use alliteration – ironically that’s not usually something I have a problem with, but today I’m struggling a bit, so it all sounds a bit stilted 🙂



Colourfully crafted

Graffiti gargoyle grins

Bold as brass on black brick

Skull stares down with snarling smile –

Something’s got up his nose…

Intro to Poetry: Day 1

I’ve decided to have a go at the WP 10 day Into to Poetry course on Blogging University. My Day 1 prompt is ‘water’, in the form of a haiku.

With the typical British summer weather (risking sunburned shoulders one minute, yet sloshing along in soggy sandals the next) providing me with inspiration, here’s my haiku for today 🙂

Summer Shower…

Rivulets run wild

Raindrops huddle together

Pooling in puddles

Hmmm, actually this works well for today’s Daily Prompt: Summer too! 🙂