On a Cold and Frosty Morning


I went out for a relatively early wintery walk this morning, to try to capture the beautiful frosty views on Wanstead Flats, East London, close to where we live… ❤


I love the way the two tower blocks on the edge of the flats give a bit of an urban context to the landscape – we are in East London, after all!  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax


Living in London – or any big city I suppose – can be stressful in the extreme for someone like me, who is one of life’s natural introverts. There are just so many people, so much traffic and noise and everyday hustle and bustle to disrupt my fragile tranquility…

What I most need to be able to relax and recharge my depleted energy batteries is a little bit of peace and quiet, a place to ponder and wander in nature, to help myself feel grounded again. Luckily here in East London we have easy access to several such green spaces (actually the lower edes of the ancient Epping Forest) very close by to where we live.

These images were taken as my husband and I enjoyed a very relaxing, leisurely walk around Hollow Ponds together earlier this afternoon 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

Daily Prompt: Fish


To be honest I’ve never understood the lure of fishing, or more specifically, angling. The River Ness, running through the City of Inverness in the North of Scotland where I grew up, has always been a keen spot for anglers. I do appreciate that only two of these shots contain men in waders standing up to their nether regions in the middle of a freezing cold river waiting patiently to catch a fish, but it’s such a beautiful river it seems such a shame not to share more of it…  🙂

Daily Prompt: Fish

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


Living in London as I do, I really miss the spectacular Scottish sunsets of my younger years, the moody skies and hot fiery rage of the dying daylight as the sun sinks silently screaming behind the hilly highland horizon, fighting with every last spark to stay alive to the last gasp…

But as this recent image shows, taken last week from the upstairs window of my youngest daughter’s house on an everyday ordinary night just like any other in the North of Scotland, the nostalgic sunsets of my rememberings still exist in the here and now; and it is in fact me who is out of time, out of place…  ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

A Landscape to Love


These stunning images were taken recently by my eldest daughter with her phone camera while visiting her in-laws on the Isle of Benbecula off the West coast of Scotland.

Although I’ve often been to Skye and have visited Lewis and Harris at the top of the Outer Hebrides, I’ve never been to either North or South Uist with Benbecula nestled inbetween, or Barra right at the bottom of the chain of islands, but it certainly looks like the sort of landscape I would love.

Hope you enjoy the beautiful views too!  ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top


Oldies but goodies…

Both these images are from June 2011, taken about six miles apart, and are still two of my favourite landscapes of home – the orange fingers of light reaching up from the setting sun, and the line of seagulls on the sandbar are my cherry on top  ❤

Sunset over the Black Isle from where my mum and dad live, and looking across to the Black Isle from Nairn East Beach – lovely memories of a peaceful place a far cry from London  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top