Limerick Challenge: The End

Hopes and Dreams…

As I come to the end of this year

I look forward to future so clear

New beginnings, fresh start

Breathe new life in my heart

Hopes and dreams shining bright on past fear… ❤

Limerick Poetry Challenge: The End


Limerick Challenge: Antonyms

The hot and heavy night-time adventures of a long-suffering sleep-deprived middle-aged menopausal woman 🙂


Night sweats cover my skin head to toe

Damp sheets cast off above and below

Yet another hot flush

Drenches me in a rush

Leaves me both hot and cold in one go



I wake early but go to sleep late

Not my choice but my hormonal fate

Such insomnia plays

Havoc with nights and days

Deep exhaustion my permanent state


Limerick Challenge: Antonyms