Guess Who

Guess Who…

This thin-skinned buffoon is a nightmare

Filled with alpha-male bluster and hot air

Such an arrogant arse

A political farce

With his bully-boy tactics and bad hair

Daily Prompt: Retreat

A tongue-in-cheek limerick triple take on the old fairy-tale story of Little Red Riding Hood for today’s Daily Prompt: Retreat

Red Riding Hood’s Perspective…

Once a wolf in a granny disguise

Tried to trick me with sweetness and lies

While I, light on my feet

Beat a hasty retreat

Saved myself from a nasty surprise…

The Wolf’s Perspective…

Once a silly girl dressed in red hood

Should have been on the menu – good, good!

But the woodcutter came

Rescued her – lucky dame

And she ran away, fast as she could…

The Woodcutter’s Perspective…

Once a girl faced a wolf in gran’s bed

Big bad wolf wore a cap on his head

With a swing of my blade

One new wolf-skin was made

Hunter found himself hunted instead…