Thursday Doors: Champion Pub

Ages ago I posted a pic taken from outside the Champion Pub in Wells Street, just off London’s Oxford Street. Sitting on its corner plot, it has some lovely stained glass windows on two sides depicting famous British champions, and I promised to go back sometime to take some pics from inside…

Here’s my original door pic taken from the outside…


And now here’s the same door (open this time) as seen from inside the pub, and also the windows all the way round from right to left…



I realise this has turned into more of a Thursday doors-and-windows post, but I’m sure in the circumstances I’ll be forgiven 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

This week’s photo challenge prompt from the guys at the Daily Post is ‘Ooh, Shiny!‘ and relates to those diversions, distractions and delightful detours that capture our attention and never fail to sidetrack us from whatever we’re doing…

For me, there’s no rhyme nor reason to what catches my eye when I’m out and about. Take today, for example. My husband and I had an appointment in central London this afternoon, so decided to make a day of it and spend the whole day out together.

Diversion No 1 stopped me in my tracks before I even got out of Oxford Circus Underground station – as we stepped off the train I found this lovely rainbow roundel on the platform, celebrating London Pride this summer, so of course had to wait for the busy platform to clear of passengers before I could take my shot…


Distraction No 2 arrived on Eastcastle Street in the form of a line of different coloured but otherwise identical bicycles for sale displayed on the pavement. I don’t really know why they caught my eye, but I just had to stop and capture them for posterity…


Delightful detour No 3 appeared in the form of a blue curved sofa in the orange-walled rest-room of the pub where we had lunch. I was expecting the usual cramped space with a few functional cubicles, basic handwashing sinks and a wall mirror or two. What I found was a huge room with spacious cubicles, a large central sink, a statue and a couple of communal sofas – of course I had to take a few pics before returning to our table…


So although most of my ‘Ooh, shiny’ moments are made up of a series of ordinary everyday things that most people walk straight past without seeing, I always really enjoy them when they find me and seem to silently shout out my name 🙂


Daily Prompt: Grainy


I took this shot late this afternoon in Chancery Lane Underground Station, here in London – we were right at the end of the busy East-bound Central Line platform waiting for our train to arrive, and I realised I could see quite far in to the usually dark tunnel.

So I grabbed my camera and took a couple of quick shots of our train coming in along the tracks, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this image is reasonably in focus and not actually too grainy, considering the ISO was set at 1600!

Daily Prompt: Grainy

Thursday Doors: Westminster Cathedral



I took these external pics of Westminster Cathedral in London’s Victoria on my way to and from this year’s Annual Blogger’s Bash in June, and meant to post them earlier but seem to have missed the boat somewhat with my timings. Still, better late than never! To be honest I didn’t even know this cathedral existed until it turned up as a landmark on Geoff’s directions to the Bash venue nearby, and from what I could see in passing the heavy rectangular wooden doors are probably the plainest part of the building.

I looked it up once I got home and discovered that the foundation stone was laid in 1895 and the fabric of the building was completed eight years later, and although according to the website the interior is incomplete the cathedral still contains some fine marble work and mosaics. Apparently there’s also a public viewing gallery from the top of the 210ft (64m) tower, so I think overall Westminster Cathedral is certainly somewhere I’ll be visiting properly sometime in the future…

For more door-oriented posts please see Norm’s Thursday Doors post for this week and click on the blue frog 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise


It can be quite a surprise to see a full-size replica of the famous English Galleon the Golden Hinde, sitting proudly in dry-dock by the River Thames near to London Bridge. The original wooden-built sailing ship was launched in 1577 (during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I) and was used by Sir Francis Drake to circumnavigate the globe.

To my mind it’s a surprisingly small-sized vessel to have survived such an amazing journey across the world’s vast oceans! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise