Daily Prompt: Horizon


Horizon Cafe, Leytonstone, East London πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Horizon


Train Stations by Night


I’m back from my visit to Scotland to see my family – more of that later – but in the meantime here are some dark and moody night-time shots of near-deserted stations, taken from the window of the overnight train I was travelling in. They’re perhaps a little too unlit and shadowy for some tastes, but the dramatic contrast suited my frame of mind in the wee small hours πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Ascend



Later tonight I will ascend the Caledonian Sleeper train at London’s Euston Station, and early tomorrow morning (having travelled 600 miles overnight) I will descend onto the platform at Inverness Station in the North of Scotland to spend the next fortnight visiting my family – woo-hoo!

These particular images from Euston and Inverness are from previous visits – it’s a trip I take regularly, so have a variety of shots from over the years.

I won’t be blogging at all while I’m away, so don’t worry if I’m completely incommunicado for a couple of weeks – I’ll be back in full flow at the end of the month, and will catch up with you all then πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Ascend

7 Day B&W Challenge: Epilogue – Picturing My Life

So, having posted 7 black & white individual images of my life in 7 days (with no explanation and no people), I thought I’d go through my choices retrospectively, and show them all together as a set. The biggest challenge for me definitely was the ‘no people’ bit – I live in London with around 8.7 million other people – but I’m pleased to have managed it nonetheless.

A lot of the time I really don’t lead a very exciting life here, and nor do I want to, so I tried to show the simple everyday ordinariness of it all, far removed from the recognisable tourist views of London life. But I also wanted to find interesting enough images that had enough light-to-dark demarcation to look good in monochrome (because not everything does!).

Day 1 – This is the view outside our flat, taken from our living room window – just an ordinary quiet Victorian terraced street, built around the late 1880s…


Day 2 – Our favourite Leytonstone cafe on the High Road, where we often enjoy a good cup of coffee and an indulgent slice of cake even though it’s only a few minutes walk from home…


Day 3 – Leytonstone Underground Station on the Central Line is our main transport link to pretty much everywhere other than our immediate environs here in East London…


Day 4 – This old sweet chestnut tree in Bush Wood is well over 200 years old, and is one of my favourite landmarks to visit when out for a walk. If only trees could talk, the stories she would have to tell…


Day 5 – This is the route 257 double-decker bus I regularly take to and from from Stratford, which is our nearest decent-sized shopping centre…


Day 6 – I love the way the light caught the leaves in this image of Bush Wood from my archives – I really appreciate walking in nature so close to home, it calms and soothes me when the hustle and bustle of city living gets too much to bear…


Day 7 – Late afternoon light silhouetting Wanstead Flats seemed a fitting image on which to end – we live in a part of London that has a lot of green space to enjoy, so I make the most of it all year round…


So there we are, a week long, decidedly non-peopley perspective of my everyday London life. Many thanks to Marilyn of Serendipity for giving me the chance of volunteering to participate in this challenge – I’ve really enjoyed it! πŸ™‚