Daily Prompt: Witty


Not feeling the slightest bit witty

My mind-set more plain-faced than pretty

But I’ll give it a try

Feel the need – God knows why

To at least post a rhyme or a ditty…

Daily Prompt: Witty


Original Weirdo…

Original Weirdo…

Peculiarities make me unique

Those little things that feel like ‘me’ inside

I hear my Scottish lilt each time I speak

Well-tamed yet not quite gone, still kept with pride

My curvy frame belies my tom-boy clothes

No girly girl with high heels worn each day

A blue-eyed blonde with big boobs and cute nose

In jeans and T-shirts, comfort rules OK

I love to cook, and also love to eat

Enjoy good books, and TV plays a role

Photography and poetry’s heart-beat

Like walking creates rhythm in my soul

Together all these things are who I am

So take or leave it, I don’t give a damn!  🙂


Daily  Prompt: Peculiar 

Daily Prompt: Magnetic


Sharp city teeth-marks soothed by nature’s balm

Serrated skyline dulled by leafy shade

Erratic heartbeat slows to rhythmic calm

With healing touch of foliage arrayed

Through dappled light in tree-lined avenues

Strong branches curve in comforting embrace

Distract me from voracious high-rise views

Help soften geometric urban face

But life has taught me not to tint with rose

Bucolic rural idyll, country bliss

A childhood in the midst of nature’s throes

Reminds of many things I do not miss

Ambivalent, I yearn for peace and space

Yet this magnetic city pulls apace…


Daily Prompt: Magnetic