JusJoJan: Revolt

Hmmm… I’m not sure what might cause me to rise up and revolt? It would have to be something pretty drastic to make me rock the boat so badly that it risked drawing undue attention to myself. Mind you, apparently Donald Trump doesn’t seem too keen to come to Britain if he’s not guaranteed a hospitable welcome – now that might just be enough of an incentive to encourage me to add my vocal tuppence-worth to any prospective anti-Trump-visit protest… 🙂

JusJoJan: Revolt 


Daily Prompt: Deny

Generally I try not to be too critical of other cultures different from my own – I understand that everyone has a right to hold their own opinions and preferences about things that perhaps don’t make sense to me – but in my mind it’s about time America woke up to the effects of its gun laws. By all means Americans can fight for their constitutional right to bear arms if they must, but with rights come responsibilities, and part of taking responsibility means they must stop being in denial of the consequences of that right.

If even just one American somewhere – anywhere – can stand up and say with pride ‘My second amendment rights are sacrosanct to me, and if because of that right we as a nation have more gun-related mass shootings and other gun-related deaths than anywhere else across the globe, then so be it’, then fair play to them. But to demand the first yet deny so vociferously the second – a link that is blatantly obvious to everyone else around the world – is just plain ridiculous…

Daily Prompt: Deny

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Rain/ Rein/ Reign


This naughty-but-nice political poster caught my eye yesterday, ripped edges flapping flamboyantly in the breeze – ‘Mistress May Make You Rue The Day’.

When it comes to Theresa May’s continued reign as Prime Minister, she may still have the reins of the country in her ‘strong and stable’ hands – just – and she certainly has the bit between her teeth when it comes to Brexit, but she may find she needs to rely on the three line whip a lot more now she’s lost her parliamentary majority, especially as there are a larger-than-ever number of MPs who may be more than happy to rain on her parade! 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Rain/ Rein/ Reign

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Sign


police-vanIs it a sign of things to come in the uncertain times we live in that, when I saw a Police van parked directly in front of the entrance to our local tube station, I hesitated before entering. I felt myself hold back, just for a second, and it seriously upset me.

In all the fifteen years I’ve lived in London I’ve never stopped living my life because of fear – I’ve deliberately kept clear of certain busy places at particular times because I don’t like huge crowds, but never because of fear. I’ve been here during terrorist attacks, and along with many other Londoners have always just kept calm and carried on, vigilant yet undefeated.

But today it wasn’t the threat of potential terrorist activity that held me back, it was more an awareness of a growing unease across the population as a whole. People are becoming more and more desperate and angry – angry at out-of-touch politicians consistently making decisions that are divisive, politicians who are then highly critical of increasing divisions in society and blame the people rather than reassess their policies.

People who have the least power but the most need are tired not only of constantly struggling but also of being dismissed as unimportant by successive governments who dangle them like puppets, unwilling players in their vanity project political games. This is how riots begin – anger leading to unrest that quickly becomes more and more heated until it all boils over and spills onto our streets, a conflagration of frustration.

Recently I’ve felt that sense of overheated danger spark ominously in the air again, electrifyingly charged, crisp and crackling close to the surface in some public spaces – and it was my awareness of this air of unease that stopped me in my tracks yesterday. It passed quickly enough, and I carried on with my day as usual. But just for that split-second moment, I hesitated, and that hesitation worries me…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Sign

General Election Result 2017

So we are waking up this morning to a hung parliament – the result of yet another arrogant Tory MP playing games with our future in order to furnish their own personal political ends, and spectacularly losing their gamble…

What a bloody mess, I’m delighted she’s failed but am really angry to have been used as a pawn in her selfish scheme, just as with her predecessor. Politicians should be there to serve the people, not the people lead as lambs to the slaughter for the sole purpose of personal political gain.

Theresa May did not have to call a snap general election, just as David Cameron did not have to call a referendum on leaving the EU – as a population the British public are not pliable puppets to be played with in their political pantomime, and we should never have been treated as such.

Surely it’s got to be time now for serious political reform here in the UK,  a complete overhaul of our democratic process, removing the antiquated first past the post system and replacing it with something more modern, more representative, more truly inclusive, more egalitarian…


Daily Prompt: Farce

When we were at school we read ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde – a great big yawn for many, but I really loved it! It’s very different, reading a play rather than a novel, but all you need is a bit of imagination to bring it to life in your mind.

I certainly far prefer a farcical comedy of yesteryear to the farcical politics of today – at least the former was written with the intention of being laughed at…

Daily Prompt: Farce 

Daily Prompt: Better

Sometimes it feels like we may all want a better world to live in, but politically we fundamentally disagree on how to achieve that end. For some, better means division and demarcation (between them and us, haves and have nots), while for others better means increased inclusion, effectively breaking down the borders and barriers that selectively separate us.

‘Better’ is never an absolute, but is a relative concept – better than what, better for whom? Natural balance means that things can never be better for everyone, there are always going to be winners and losers, and sadly it seems that our current political system ensures that what is better in the minds of the decision-makers in society – inevitably the few – will often result in everyday life being decidedly worse for the many…

Daily Prompt: Better 

Daily Prompt: Meaningless

So much of what is said in politics these days, stripped of all bluff and bluster, often seems to be no more than a meaningless rush of hot air blasted out at high volume. It may be emotive, or obstructive, or deflective, or manupulative hot air, but it’s rarely based purely on anything that anyone would recognise as cold hard fact.

And what is worse, we now almost expect to be lied to with devious intent, to have the truth twisted and turned and distorted to suit that particular speaker’s agenda, whatever that may be. For politicians to spend so much time deliberately generating heat rather than light may not be illegal, but in my mind it is definitely heading towards the dodgy end of immoral…

Daily Prompt: Meaningless 

Daily Prompt: Murmuration

The older I get, the more I notice myself muttering all too frequently about innumerable irritations over the course of each day, mouthing with growing regularity those previously silenced thoughts of my youth. My grumbling rumbles along the same old weary tracks creaking and groaning like a never-ending freight-train, first about this and then that, on and on seemingly without censure.

The whatever-it-is I used to have inside my head that stopped me from saying all the probably-inappropriate stuff I think seems to have been permanantly by-passed these days, to the extent that whatever irreverent thought pops into my head almost immediately exits my mouth, albeit almost indecipherable under my breath rather than clearly spoken out loud.

Unless it’s about the current political situation either in the US or the UK, in which case my agitated and animated murmurations become increasingly vociferous, peppered all too liberally with decidedly unsavoury language… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Murmuration

Shoogly Pegs

Watching Andrew Marr’s regular Sunday morning political programme on TV this morning, journalist John Sopel (while reviewing the day’s newspapers) was commenting on Jeff Sessions’ continued future as Attorney General in the current US Administration (after his apparent misinterpretation/ misunderstanding/ misleading answer of the relatively simple question of any contact with Russia during the US Presidential election campaign), musing that potentially, Sessions’ ‘coat was hanging on a shoogly peg’.

The usage of such an informal fun phrase on such a reasonably formal political programme certainly made me smile – it’s a light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek Scottish expression relating to the questionable security of his continued tenure in office, referring to his metaphorical work-coat hanging precariously on a very wobbly coat-hook with the increasing likelihood that it may soon fall to the floor in an ignominious heap. The inference being that Sessions’ may find his services are longer be required, soon enough…

Presumably Jeff Sessions’ coat peg is located a bit too close to Mike Flynn’s in the Administration’s cloakroom… and his shoogly peg has already given way, after only a very short time in office. Hmmm… maybe we’d better check the whole rack for any more potential shoogly pegs while we’re at it, and the sooner the better! 🙂