Flower of the Day: Decaying Rose


I love the way this decaying rose is holding on with as much dignity as it can muster – I know how it feels… πŸ™‚

Flower of the Day


Base Layer: Watercolour Flower Take II


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again…

Much happier with the feel of this one so far – I took my time and have kept my touch lighter but more controlled, and already the flower looks altogether more delicate and three-dimensional than in my previous attempt.

Letting it dry thoroughly now before adding any detail, but I think I’ll probably keep it reasonably minimalist all the way through… πŸ™‚

Today’s Flower Drawing


I decided to try to draw a different flower image today, again using coloured pencils, but I took a slightly different tack from yesterday’s attempt. I still started out with a simple line drawing outline, but then I shaded in the whole flower, to give a kind of colour base to build up layer by layer as a complete picture instead of trying to colour it in section by section as I did yesterday…


I found the whole exercise a bit easier today, I’m still feeling decidedly rusty when it comes to drawing but it all flowed a bit better doing it this way and I think the overall result is a bit more balanced, so that’s an improvement πŸ™‚

PS I seem to have something on my lens, as there’s a little smudge on the bottom left-hand corner of each image, but I’ve only just noticedΒ  it…

PPS I hope it is the lens, and not the sensor?

Drawing not Doodling

Having gone from enjoying colouring-in pre-printed drawings recently to colouring-in my own doodle design the other day, I decided to go one step further today and try to draw and colour a real flower from a real photograph taken by me. I did temporarily study art at school a long time ago, and although my work was never brilliant it was certainly passable.

However, I was 17 when I left school, and I’m now 53, so safe to say I expect my skills to be more than a little rusty nowadays. I’ve done a couple of basic pencil-sketch drawings since, but even that was several years ago. I do like a challenge though, and I’m a big girl now so surely I can cope with being even less brilliant than I used to be at school when I was drawing all the time.

So I chose my flower image from my archive, kept it in front of me on screen, and picked up my drawing pad…


I started tentatively with an outline – I remembered as soon as I started that drawing what you see in front of you instead of what you know isn’t easy – but in the end I did it without too much re-drawing…


Colouring-in can be a bit tricky too – it’s pink rose, but as well as pink I’m seeing red and orange and pale purple on screen…


OK, I think I’ve had enough for today – I can see I’ve not put in enough shading in the right places to make it look three dimensional enough – it’s a bit ‘flat’ – and my colours are a bit off, but you know what? I’m reasonably pleased with my first attempt at a ‘real’ drawing in years. My drawing skills might not shine yet but perhaps I can detect a little shimmer of potential for the future, if I keep going with it.

After all, everyone has to start somewhere… πŸ™‚


DailyPrompt: Shimmer