Daily Prompt: Sail


Sometimes I feel it must be wonderful just to get into my own little boat, self-contained and snug, and simply sail away in search of new horizons, oceans of waves undulating beneath and the breath-taking tug of the wind above pulling me excitedly towards unknown adventure… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Sail


Rise and Fall

Rise and Fall…

A sonnet brings a rhythmic lilt to rhyme

Creating cadence with each rise and fall

Each word flows from the other keeping time

And simple syllables convey their all

There’s something soothing in its structured form

Like watching waves wash up along the shore

Hypnotic as it fluidly transforms

And pulls us inwards, passionate for more

Just like the ocean, poetry enthrals

As feeling builds through every onward surge

Until with great crescendo each wave falls

Internal tension powerfully purged…

So cleverly that surface ebb and flow

Stirs up emotion roiling deep below

Daily Prompt: Realise


While in Brighton recently, I thought I’d have a go at taking a few long exposure images of the sea at night, and ideally had visions of beautifully smooth atmospheric shots looking just the way I wanted them to be – however, the reality proved to be a lot more difficult to achieve than I’d first thought.

I realised far too late that by also wanting the lit-up pier to be in shot so I could show the dynamic interplay of above and below, I’d created a bit of a dilemma for myself. To have the lights properly exposed I had to use a fast shutter speed, which didn’t achieve the dreamy-looking sea I wanted below. But in order to get the smooth sea surface I envisioned, the lights above were necessarily blown out, seriously over-exposed – so frustrating!

Unsure what to do, I played about with different exposures to see what worked best as a compromise. The most acceptable image I have is probably this 5 sec exposure at f8, ISO 160, taken on a mini tripod – of all the images I took it’s the nearest to what I’d hoped to achieve, although it’s far from perfect, and overall I was pretty disappointed with the results of my trial-and-error endeavours.

If anyone photographically-inclined could perhaps advise me on how best to deal with balancing exposure in this kind of situation, it would be much appreciated – many thanks!  🙂

Daily Prompt: Realise

Share Your World: 2016 Wk 37

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewellery?

I have a blue glass bowl of pebbles I’ve collected over the years, and I also have a few pieces of smooth polished quartz  ❤

What is your greatest strength or weakness?

I suppose I’m a survivor, which feels like a strength – but at times I can behave more like a victim, which feels like a definite weakness…

What makes you feel grounded?

I love being in nature, but in particular I love spending time on a beach. There’s something so soothing and meditative in the gentle rhythmic ebb and flow of the tide, I could sit and listen to it all day…


Would you rather never be able to eat warm food or never be able to eat cold food?

Well I suppose as cold food is easier to come by, I’d probably rather be able to eat only cold food – a picnic lunch of fresh crusty bread and good cheese and smoked ham, a piece of fruit and a glass of wine partaken alfresco is pretty hard to beat on a summer’s day 🙂

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

My husband and I enjoyed a lovely three day break in Brighton last week, and I’m looking forward to spending 10 days with my family in Scotland  very soon ❤

Share Your World

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

I’ve been experimenting with different styles of composition of the same subject – in this case the rusted ruins of Brighton’s West Pier, which first opened in 1866, was closed to the public in 1975, and was sadly burned down due to arson in 2003.

The skeletal remains are always a popular subject for photographers and tourists alike, but due to its location (in the sea!) it seems that there are only so many angles to take a shot from.

However, here are three of my images of the pier for this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Edge showing three different kinds of edge that can be found in a photograph…

The edge of the subject on the edge of the shot… brighton-west-pier-1

The edge of the foreground at the bottom of the shot… brighton-west-pier-3

The edge of the frame filled edge to edge… brighton-west-pier-2

I hope you like them… 🙂

Victorian Ironwork


There’s something about late Victorian engineering – particularly in their liberal use of ironwork in creating beautifully intricate structures – that truly appeals to me. The harmonious combination of practical strength and ornate decoration in the clever fitting together of smaller cast iron sections to make a visually-spectacular yet functional whole, and the impressive ingenuity of such innovative design makes these long-dead engineers into visionary superheroes in my eyes.

Having just come back from a few days in Brighton, the one-hundred-and-seventeen-year-old ironwork pier still in use today is an obvious example, but even the small but beautifully formed seafront bandstand right opposite our hotel caught my eye. The fancy filigreed fretwork may seem overly fussy by today’s standards, but for me there’s no denying the powerful elegance of its original construction over a century ago  🙂

Daily Prompt: Elegant

Discover Challenge: Superhero

Daily Prompt: Elegant



Forever beach-bound

Golden gallopers whirl by

Timeless and graceful

Heads held high with dignity

Through elegant rise and fall

I’ve merged this week’s Haiku Prompt Challenge: Beach & Time  with today’s Daily Prompt: Elegant and have come up with a Tanka to go with this image taken on Brighton beach earlier this week 🙂