Share Your World: July 10th 2017

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Indoors, maybe reading, or perhaps colouring-in – either can keep me engrossed for hours! colour-in.jpg

List a least five favourite treats?

Right now I’m trying to be a little less unhealthy in my food choices, so am retraining my palate to yearn for less fats and refined sugars. So for now when I want a snack-sized treat I’m enjoying a variety of alternatives like wholewheat crackers with sharp cheese, a few baby tomatoes, some olives, a handful of seedless grapes, or this afternoon’s particular favourite, a little bowl of black cherries. cherries

What’s your favourite place to take out-of-town guests?

We live in London, so there’s never any shortage of available tourist options – it would really depend on our visitor’s preference 🙂

You are trapped in an elevator – who do you want to be trapped with?

I was stuck alone in an elevator when I was three or four – I was out shopping with my mum and baby brother and as I stepped in to the elevator first, just in front of mum, the doors immediately closed and up it went to the next floor with me inside. A kind lady got in and asked me if I was alright, and pressed the ‘down’ button. A few seconds later the door opened again and there was a very worried mum still waiting with my brother in the pram. The whole experience (however short) absolutely terrified me, and I’ve maintained a healthy suspicion of elevators ever since. So it’s taking the stairs for me, if any are available, every time…

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Share Your World: 19 June 2017

What is something people are obsessed with but you just don’t see the point of?

Package holidays – we Brits seem obsessed with taking annual package holidays somewhere hot and sunny, where the point is to lie on a foreign beach somewhere all day and then drink in a foreign bar all night for two weeks… I’ve never been on one, it simply doesn’t appeal to me…

What quirky things do people do where you are from?

We Brits always form ourselves into an ordely queue – we stand quietly in line and take our turn, but will fidget and tut and glare and comment loudly to our immediate queue neighbours when other people disregard the rules and don’t follow the accepted ettiquette of British queuing 🙂

What are some things you wish you could unlearn?

The one thing I wish I could unlearn from childhood, and am still trying to correct in myself even in grandparenthood, is the feeling that I’m not good enough. It has coloured my life in so many ways, and sadly I can see with hindsight it also has affected the way I’ve brought up my children, so I’m determined that my grandchildren will not be affected in the same way…

Who is someone that you miss having in your life?

I really miss my maternal grandmother – I was truly lucky to have had her in my life for so long as she was 92 when she died, and I was already a grandmother myself by then ❤

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Share Your World: 6 June 2017

What’s your strongest sense?

Can I choose common sense? Sometimes it’s a pleasure, and sometimes it’s a bit of a curse to be so inclined…

Which of Snow White’s Seven dwarfs describes you best?

Grumpy, without a doubt – I’m definitely becoming grumpier the older I get 🙂

If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would that be?

Old enough to know better!

List of jobs you think you might enjoy?

Doing something wonderfully creative – being an artist of some sort, a painter, or a writer, or a photographer, or something like that. Basically, I’d like to get paid for what I consider having fun – except that once I start getting paid and it becomes a job, it probably wouldn’t be such fun any more…

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week ahead?

I’m grateful for having spent the last couple of weeks with my family in the North of Scotland, especially my five beautiful grandchildren. And next week I’m looking forward to attending the Annual Blogger’s Bash in London on Saturday! Woo-hoo! 🙂

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Share Your World: 15 May 2017

How many languages do you speak?

English, and a smattering of French – oh, and bad. I must admit I’m a bit of a natural when it comes to bad language…

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?

I’ve just finished reading ‘What She Lost’ by Susan Elliot Wright – a fictional story about the relationship between a particular mother and daughter that inevitably made me cry – and I’m also working through the non-fiction self-help book ‘Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers’ by Karyl McBride, PhD 🙂


We’re currently watching ‘Long Lost Family’ on TV as I write this post, and we’re about to eat some piping hot bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice-cream… Mmmmm… 🙂

What was the last photo you took with your phone?

Well apart from the pic of the books I took to illustrate the previous question, this is the view from half-way along the top deck of an everyday London double-decker bus – actually the 257 taking me from Leytonstone to Stratford yesterday afternoon, and I only took the pic because I was bored and I was wondering how my phone camera would manage the difference in exposure between the inside of the bus and the outside…


What is your favourite time of day?

Either first thing in the morning or last thing at night, when I’m tucked up safe and warm in my bed. I’m feeling a bit vulnerable just now, and it really shows in anwers like this…

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Share Your World: 8 May 2017

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

Never shoes indoors, I find them too uncomfortable, but other than that it depends on how cold it is at any given time – so in the winter usually slippers, in the summer generally barefoot, and through spring and autumn most likely socks 🙂

What was your favourite food when you were a child?

I don’t really remember a favourite food as a child – but I know I loved the mobile baker’s van that came round every Saturday morning in our rural farming community. The buttery-yeasty-sweet smell of baker-fresh bread and pastries and cakes is all blended in my memory with the wood-smell of the paper-lined trays displayed at an enticing angle in purpose-built racks on each side of the central galley-way within the van, coupled with the smell of the grease-dotted crisp paper bags filled with goodies we clutched in delight after each making our individual purchase 🙂

Are you a listener or a talker?

I was a very shy child and so used to be mainly a listener, but studying for my degree in my late thirties taught me to speak up and speak out about topics I feel passionate about, so now in my fifties I’d say I’m probably a bit of both – but even when I do have something to say I’ll usually listen to others first.

Favourite thing to (pick one) photograph, write, or cook?

I love all three, so for me I’d choose:

Photographing – landscapes

Writing – poetry – haiku, limericks, sonnets

Cooking – do I have to choose one thing? Hearty stews and big family meals in huge pots…

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Share Your World: 1st May 2017

Would you rather live where it is always hot or always cold?

Hmmm… I’m going to sit on the fence and say neither, I far prefer a temperate climate. But if I do have to choose, I’d probably choose cold over hot any day – maybe it’s something to do with being born in the middle of winter, on the North-East coast of Scotland – cold and me are cool, but heat and me have a really fiery relationship that leaves me all hot and bothered, not good 🙂

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

Ah, safe to say my hair and I have a lifelong problematic relationship that remains uncomfortably unresolved to date. Basically, whether it’s longer or shorter at any given time, after a while I dislike it and want to change it… Currently my hair sits all one length just below my shoulders, apart from a small off-the-face fringe – well, for now, at least!

What is your favourite month of the year?

I don’t really have a favourite, each season has its own merits – so perhaps my favourite month is whichever one we’re in at the time…

The Spring flowers have been lovely so far this year, so here are some colourful tulips simply plonked hap-hazard in a vase, currently cheering up my living room…


What is the easiest way for you to learn something new?

If it’s a practical thing, I learn by seeing and doing, by trial and error. If it’s an intellectual type of thing, I learn by writing things down, always in longhand.

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

During this past week we’ve had quite a few people viewing our flat (which is currently on the market) and we’ve had some positive feedback from prospective buyers so far, so next week it might be nice to imagine that some of those viewings might potentially turn into offers… well, I can but hope! 🙂

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Share Your World: 17 April 2017

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pen or a pencil?

I love to draw with a pencil, but I prefer to write with a pen. I used to play about with calligraphy pens once upon a time, but although I enjoyed making ‘pretty’ writing while angling the wide, fat nibs just so, I simply didn’t practice enough to be good at it and it just kind of fizzled out… Hmmm… maybe I might have another go at that, it was really quite fun to do… Maybe I could calligraphy some of my poems, make them into something visually creative as well as aurally satisfying 🙂

Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?

A singer every time, but not a headliner – I always used to picture myself being one of several backing singers, in a slinky dress…

If you were on a debate team, which topic would you relish debating?

I’m not comfortable with the idea of public speaking, so for me to overcome that anxiety the topic would have to be something I truly believed in…

What are you a ‘natural’ at doing?

I’d probably say cooking – not gourmet chef kind of cooking, but the ordinary, everyday cheap-and-cheerful feeding a family on a minimal budget. Keeping a reasonably-stocked store cupboard and a few basic ingredients in the fridge and freezer means there’s always something wholesome and hearty to be made out of whatever’s available, no matter who turns up to be fed 🙂

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Share Your World: 10 April 2017

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running or biking event? Tell your story.

I would love to say yes, but sadly, I never have. Distance walking I could probably do, given enough time, or perhaps swimming a given number of lengths in a pool, but not running, and not cycling. I love the idea of joining in these events, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t really get involved in anything en masse… too many people for me.

Name one thing not many people know about you.

While in the Girl Guides, I received my Queen’s Guide Award

What is your favourite flower?

It depends on the time of year, and my mood, and whether we’re talking about cut flowers in a vase or cultivated flowers planted in a formal garden or wild flowers growing just as nature intended… off the top of my head I generally love tulips and daffodils and roses and chrysanthemums and gerbera and dahlias, but today my favourite is carnations, in orange and cream, sitting in a vase in my living room 🙂


Things I want to have in my home?

Space… more than anything, I’m looking forward to having space again, if we ever actually manage to get this cramped London flat sold and move to a lovely new house with a garden in Inverness 🙂

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Share Your World: 27 March 2017


Does your first and middle name have any significance, or were you named after another family member?

My parents were either going to call me Ruth or Pamela… I think I definitely prefer Ruth!  I wasn’t called after anyone in particular, but mum and dad eventually decided to choose a name that couldn’t be shortened. Ironically, I’ve gone through my whole life answering to Ruthie much of the time 🙂

Music or silence while working?

Silence, always, if I have to concentrate on what I’m doing – I really love music, but I listen to the lyrics and tend to sing along. But if I’m doing housework or painting woodwork or cooking or anything I can do pretty much on autopilot, background music is great 🙂

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

Three things… hmmm… I’d probably choose one special thing given to me by each of my three children – so a grey ceramic heart on a ribbon from my son, a fun 21st century chick fabric doll from my eldest daughter, and a mosaic-tiled keepsake box from my yougest daughter – all special gifts given and accepted with love

The Never List: What are things you know you will never do?

Pot-holing – I’m seriously claustrophobic and am getting cold sweats even thinking about it…

Get into a submarine (see pot-holing above for explanation)…

Climb a mountain rock-face, even with ropes and stuff – I’m quite clumsy, so knowing me I’d probably fall off!

What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week thankfully has brought us some beautiful spring sunshine, showing off all the beautiful blossom, and at the end of this week I’m looking forward to the start of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge on 1st April! 🙂

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Share Your World: Feb 27, 2017

Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

Not personally, but I was once being driven to the airport when the car we were in ran out of petrol – luckily someone kindly stopped and offered us a lift, and we caught our flight on time, even of it was by the skin of our teeth!

Which are better, black or green olives?

Hmmm… Black olives are a little bit softer and sweeter in the flesh, I think, but I also love the slightly sharper crunch of green olives, especially stuffed with garlic and pimentoes – but I have to make sure my husband eats some too, so I don’t have garlic breath all on my own 🙂

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

History – I’d probably like to go back in time and explore the past for myself, instead of having to try to read between the lines of everyone else’s propoganda-led agenda, trying my best to interpret fact from fiction. I suppose human beings have always chosen to tell their own somewhat skewed version of the ‘truth’ at any given time – the only difference nowadays is that because everyone potentially has a voice these days (rather than just the church and the elite being literate) we can pretty much catch them out and question their account.

Well, unless they are the President of the United States, of course, in which case they can tell whatever ludicrous lies they like, call everything else they don’t like (however much truth there may be behind it) ‘fake news’ and make a big show of closing their freedom-of-speech doors to anyone who isn’t prepared to report ‘on message’…

Quotes list – at least three of your favourite quotes?

‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’ – Anais Nin

‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’- Winston Churchill

‘This above all – to thine own self be true’ – William Shakespeare, Hamlet Act I, Scene III

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