Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Unfinished Symphony…

Psychology flawed

Raw and roughly hewn in parts

Mind marred and distressed

Unevenly unbalanced

Emotionally jagged…

Sometimes I feel that if anyone were to look inside my mind, instead of seeing smooth symmetrical curves of brain matter all tidily folded in place there would be a lumpen mass of unfinishedness, all sketchy rough drafts, crossed-out phrases, and incomplete loose ends going off at all sorts of dysfunctional tangents leading to who knows where.

There’s enough there to make me a recognisable person on the outside, but nevertheless on the inside I still feel like an unfinished symphony, incomplete, flawed…

Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Tanka Tuesday – Harvest & Moon

Autumn Gold…

Late night harvesting

Under dry September moon

Swathes of ripened grain

Gathered up while raining down

Golden riches from heaven

Colleen over at Silver Threading has created a new poetry challenge – Tanka Tuesday – thanks Colleen, I’m really looking forward to joining in each week!

So in honour of all you arable farmers out there who work all the hours God sends to gather in the harvest every autumn, this one’s for you. I’ve discovered it’s not so easy painting a poetic picture of a combine harvester in full flow, but I’ve done my best 🙂