Daily Prompt: Black


Crewe Railway Station lit up in the deepest black of night – I love the dramatic difference between lights and darks when travelling overnight 🙂

Daily Prompt: Black


Train Stations by Night


I’m back from my visit to Scotland to see my family – more of that later – but in the meantime here are some dark and moody night-time shots of near-deserted stations, taken from the window of the overnight train I was travelling in. They’re perhaps a little too unlit and shadowy for some tastes, but the dramatic contrast suited my frame of mind in the wee small hours 🙂

Daily Prompt: Ascend



Later tonight I will ascend the Caledonian Sleeper train at London’s Euston Station, and early tomorrow morning (having travelled 600 miles overnight) I will descend onto the platform at Inverness Station in the North of Scotland to spend the next fortnight visiting my family – woo-hoo!

These particular images from Euston and Inverness are from previous visits – it’s a trip I take regularly, so have a variety of shots from over the years.

I won’t be blogging at all while I’m away, so don’t worry if I’m completely incommunicado for a couple of weeks – I’ll be back in full flow at the end of the month, and will catch up with you all then 🙂

Daily Prompt: Ascend

Daily Prompt: Grainy


I took this shot late this afternoon in Chancery Lane Underground Station, here in London – we were right at the end of the busy East-bound Central Line platform waiting for our train to arrive, and I realised I could see quite far in to the usually dark tunnel.

So I grabbed my camera and took a couple of quick shots of our train coming in along the tracks, and was pleasantly surprised to find that this image is reasonably in focus and not actually too grainy, considering the ISO was set at 1600!

Daily Prompt: Grainy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of Focus


While travelling through London’s Euston Station at night last month I took a few pictures from the train, looking along the gently curved platform – my lens struggled to focus on a couple of shots, but I took them anyway, and really liked the effect!

PS If you want to see what it actually looks like in focus, see my previous post here🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of Focus

A-Z Challenge: U is for Underground


U is for Underground…

Confusingly the platforms of Leytonstone Underground Station (and the railway line itself at this point – see T is for Tube Line from yesterday) are actually above ground! When you enter the station from street level, you have to walk down a curved slope into the below-the-surface ticket office, before going through the automated ticket barriers and climbing the central stairs back up to reach the ground level platforms between the tracks.

This year for my Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’ve decided to keep it super-simple, and stick close to home with a straightforward agenda. I tend to post lots of local London images anyway, so my aim is to post at least one new (as in taken recently, and not posted before) photograph each day, taking us on a whistle-stop A-Z tour of Local Leytonstone Life; simple snapshot images of ordinary everyday things around me that capture my attention, yet don’t take me out of my daily routine too much…