Train Stations by Night


I’m back from my visit to Scotland to see my family – more of that later – but in the meantime here are some dark and moody night-time shots of near-deserted stations, taken from the window of the overnight train I was travelling in. They’re perhaps a little too unlit and shadowy for some tastes, but the dramatic contrast suited my frame of mind in the wee small hours 🙂


A-Z Challenge: T is for Tube Line


T is for Tube Line…

Leytonstone is located on the Central Line, which snakes all the way horizontally across London from Epping in the East, through Central London, and on to West Ruislip in the West. At 46 miles from one end to the other it is the longest tube line, and it certainly feels like one of the busiest, especially during rush hour!  Although the middle section of the Central Line is a deep level underground line, at either end it sits on the surface, including here in Leytonstone 🙂

This year for my Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’ve decided to keep it super-simple, and stick close to home with a straightforward agenda. I tend to post lots of local London images anyway, so my aim is to post at least one new (as in taken recently, and not posted before) photograph each day, taking us on a whistle-stop A-Z tour of Local Leytonstone Life; simple snapshot images of ordinary everyday things around me that capture my attention, yet don’t take me out of my daily routine too much…

Light at the End of the Tunnel


If anyone had asked me a couple of years ago what was the biggest obstacle to my creativity, I’d probably have said it was the lack of either time or money (I’ve spent much of my life being either time rich and money poor, or alternatively comparatively money rich and time poor), the lack of decent equipment (for my photography), or perhaps even the lack of an appropriately insprational environment (for my creative writing).

Yet slowly but surely I’m beginning to realise that the greatest obstacle to my creativity is, and always has been, me. I’m starting to see that I’ve spent a lifetime emotionally restricting myself by relying too heavily on the self-limiting words ‘always’ and ‘never’ to guide me, as if they were parallel walls forming the long narrow tunnel of my personal comfort zone, keeping me groping my way along in the dark, oblivious to my own blindness, unable and unwilling to deviate from their pre-destined path.

But now at last I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and as I’m learning to look beyond those restrictive walls that were effectively squeezing the life out of me, I’m finding it refreshingly liberating to finally feel free…

Discover Challenge: Obstacles

A Train’s Eye View

Coming home on the overnight train from Inverness to London last night, I found myself in the very last carriage of the train, which unusually had a glass panel in what would otherwise have been the connecting door between two carriages, had a further carriage actually been in place.

The glass was a bit grubby, but easily clean enough for my camera-phone to see through. I’ve taken so many views from a train before, but never looking directly behind at the tracks travelled along – giving me a proper train’s eye view, I suppose?

Train tracks are perhaps not the prettiest of things to look at, creating an ugly scar on the landscape whether urban or rural, but after a while I found their raw metallic harshness surprisingly appealing…