Filter Effect Flowers


‘Abstractionist’ filter


‘Color Fantasy’ filter


‘Indian’ filter

The same vase of spring tulips (original image taken by me!) with three different free filter effects applied – online art filter effects (some are free, but some are only available on upgrade) found at ๐Ÿ™‚


In a Different Light…


In the seven days since I bought my husband a simple supermarket bunch of tulips, I’ve photographed them on several occasions – taken at slightly different angles, some closer and some further away, but basically the same flowers, in the same vase, sitting in exactly the same place in the same room, all taken with the same lens on the same camera.

And yet across those seven days, all of these images are slightly different – not just because the flowers have been slowly opening out, and are now sadly beginning to look past their best, but because the available light falling on them at any given time makes such a huge difference to the final feel of each image.

Obviously there will be an expected difference between images taken in natural light and artificial light, and taken with or without a flash. But I’ve found that even on the same day, using only natural light, there is a vast difference between images taken in softly diffused daylight and the raw harshness of direct sunlight shining strongly.

It’s been an interesting exercise, experimenting with multiple images of such a simple subject across the course of a week, and one that has taught me a valuable photographic lesson – even the simplest of things can look startlingly different in different light… ๐Ÿ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: So/ Sow/ Sew

So… what’s flying foremost in my manic mind today, what wonderfully witty stream of wisdom is waiting to flow freely from my fast-moving fingers? Sod all, that’s what – not even a tentative trickle, not even enough to sow the seeds of an idea for this week’s Stream of Consciousness prompt. Not even enough to stitch together a random patchwork of partial pieces with one long continuous thread ofย thought. So… sadly no sowing and no sewing for me for now… stuff it, I give up!

So… I’m posting another trusty tulip picture instead, just to cheer myself up…ย  ๐Ÿ™‚


Daily Prompt: Lovingly


My husband loves tulips, so this morning I bought him some for a surprise, just because I love him… They’re nothing fancy, just supermarket flowers picked up while I was buying something for dinner tonight, but as I’m definitely the least romantic of the two of us, and we’re both of the opinion that it’s always the thought that counts, hopefully he’ll appreciate the loving gesture…ย  โค

Daily Prompt: Lovingly