Moody Monochrome: Borough Market


Some moody monochrome shots taken in and around Borough Market, London Bridge, this afternoon… it’s such a noisy, vibrant hustle and bustle of a place, so I wondered if a little calming black and white might help capture some of the wonderful geometric shapes more noticably than in colour… πŸ™‚

Under Urban Bridges


Playing about with framing using the view from underneath a bridge – well, two different views from under two bridges along the same river, on the same towpath. Taking out the colour helps reduce some of the chaotic busy-ness of each image, I think, focusing instead mainly on highlighting the contrast between the lights and darks, hopefully pulling your eye deeper in towards the centre of the image…

I was quite pleased with the results – sometimes I can get the exposure wrong with strong contrasts, but I’m happy enough with the overall look and feel of these two πŸ™‚

Bridges along the River Lea, East London

Daily Prompt: Artificial


Sometimes it’s fun to play around with the in-built special effects filters on my camera – it’s surprising how relatively ordinary everyday views can look totally different when viewed through a more creative lens – this particular filter is called ‘Impressive Art’ and gives a lighter, grainier textured, yet somehow more colourful image than when shooting in standard mode. I’ve found I quite like the overall grittiness of it when capturing these local urban backstreet scenesΒ  πŸ™‚

Leytonstone, East London

Daily Prompt: Artificial