Hurricane Irma

Sitting here safe and warm on our sofa in London, we’re watching live on TV as CNN reporter Chris Cuomo is standing in the eye of the storm on a balcony in Naples, Florida:

‘The worst of Mother Nature brings out the best in Human Nature’ he said not too long ago – let’s hope so, Chris, let’s hope so…


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining…


Although my husband and I had hoped to go out locally to try to see the Perseid meteor shower last night, even by 8pm (see above pic) a blanket of cloud cover was coming in – and by 11pm we couldn’t even see the moon never mind any potential meteor shower, so in the end we didn’t venture out after all.

However, our disappointment was mitigated by having spent our evening watching the Athletics World Championships (held only about a mile away in Stratford) live on TV – GB distance runner Mo Farah won a Silver medal in the men’s 5000m, as did the GB women’s 4x100m relay, and to cap it all the GB men’s 4x100m relay won Gold!

So not quite the evening of potential star-gazing we had planned, but I guess it’s true that every cloud has a silver lining – or maybe even two silvers and a gold… 🙂

After the Rain


Nice though it is to capture beautifully clear blue skies when visiting traditionally photogenic places, it’s also surprising how amazing the light can look in that short space of time between the rain stopping and the sun coming out again.

Even when simply looking out onto a very ordinary residential city street (as seen from our first floor flat here in Leytonstone, East London) the moody contrast between light and dark after the rain never fails to capture my attention 🙂