Stream of Consciousness: Wood/ Would


Would you walk through the deep winter woods in freezing fog? Would you feel the stillness as you stand and listen, and the silence disturbed only by sudden scurryings in the undergrowth? Would you sigh and smile, take a deep breath, dig your hands deep in your pockets, and trudge forwards, moving onwards into the light…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Wood/ Would


Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


Winter frosts can bring such a stark monochrome simplicity to our favourite landscapes, but today I found the added atmospheric effect of this morning’s freezing fog softening, smudging and blurring the already muted tonal range even further brought a whole new level of graceful understated elegance to my early morning walk… ❤

Wanstead Flats and Wanstead Park, East London

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Beautifully Backlit


Trying to take pictures of frosty foliage in such low-lying winter morning light wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped it would be – to my eye it seemed the best views were looking towards the sun, sitting so low on the horizon – but of course my camera wasn’t understanding what I wanted to do exposure-wise (my fault, not my camera), so I opted for a couple of dramatic semi-sillouette shots instead… ❤